Stonework Play™ Train the Trainers Certification (Additional Fee, $50)

Dr. Diana Suskind Stonework Play Train the Trainers Certification Practicum Requirements:

  1. Facilitate an actual hands-on session of Stonework Play™with a minimum of five to a maximum of 10 participants. Suggested venues include your workplace, an early childhood setting, a school, a religious setting or at your home with family and friends.
  2. A three- page documentation of experience including:
    List of materials utilized
    Demographic stats: age, grade, male/female ratio, previous experience & expectations, comments, etc.
    Sketch of setting
    Summary of findings addressing 5 stages: gathering, constructing, rendering, narrating, sharing. 
    Include examples through observations of what the children discovered and or learned. Conclusions include suggestions of changes you would implement in future.
  3. Photography:
    Minimum of 10 Photographs of set up in various stages of development, and 10 of break-down (including participant’s involvement in clean-up) 2 photographs documenting each of the five stages of Stonework Play™ (See above) Audio recordings are valuable when possible
    Photos should be taken by a third party, rather than yourself.Written permissions for any facial photos of participants are mandatory. Consent forms will be provided by Diana Suskind and copies must be included.
  • Participants have six weeks to complete Stonework Play™ Train the Trainers Certification requirements. Assignments postmarked after March 17th will not be accepted.
  • Participants will be required to read information from two sources from a list they will be given and write a personal reaction to their selections.


Please note: Attendee seeking Stonework Play Train the Trainers Certification agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, Opening Minds, its owners, managers, officers or directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries or affiliates from any damages or charges resulting from Attendee practicum participation post conference.

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