Tessa Baden

Instructional Specialist, PreK4 San Antonio, Texas

Read Aloud: Who’s Talking?

Humor, hands-on learning, interactions, and discussion will have participants leaving with a new look at book time. Children taught to converse during read alouds will change our look on Book Time.

MEET Tessa Baden

I taught myself how to read to children while teaching Pre-K. Reading wasn't enjoyable and it showed, none of my children were choosing to work in the book area during choice time. I worked hard to find ways to invite children to "enjoy" reading. The genuine love for reading comes from the intrinsic joy you get when connecting while reading stories in a comfortable situation. Many of my teaching practices have changed and as I have researched, I have been able to validate my practices with many strategies of Dialogic Reading and Active Learning (HighScope).

Tessa Baden-Mayes taught and lead early childhood for fifteen years. With a BA in Early Childhood and a MA in Behavior Analysis, Tessa is passionate about pedagogical evolution.