Mark Rogers

K-12 Teacher, Austin Achieve Elementary School

Looping -- How Learning with Familiar Faces Will Reshape Early Education

This hands-on and thought-provoking session will be centered on the following question: what is Looping and why is it an effective practice for organizing instructional staff in educational environments?

MEET Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers began his career teaching 13 and 14 year-olds, but administrators always needed him to teach the next level of math content due to a shortage of STEM educators. After 6 years with the same students, Mr. Rogers was convinced of the magic in looping. In his research, he couldn't find a modern public education example of a teacher working with the same kids for 13 years, so he started "Loop 13."

Mr. Rogers is now in year two of a 13 year journey where he will teach the same kids from kindergarten to high school graduation. This project, Loop 13, aims to raise awareness for this underutilized pedagogical tool. Only one in five schools implement looping, yet the literature consistently associates looping with improved academic, attendance, disciplinary, and social-emotional outcomes.

Mark Rogers is an accomplished educator whose experience spans the K-12 spectrum. Education and equity are his primary missions, and he looks to achieve success in both via