Kathleen Baltman, MA, E-IV®

The Home Visit: An Essential Key to Understanding Hard-to-Know Infants and Young Children

See home visits as a window to an infant/young child’s world. This interactive three-hour session will primarily explore responses to support needs when the viewing window is very small, obscured, or broken.

You will learn:
● Develop or strengthen your understanding of home visits as a uniquely valuable tool in supporting the development and well-being of even the hardest to know infants, toddlers, and preschooler.
● Increase your understanding of how connecting your observations of an infant/young child’s actions and behaviors to your observations of the child’s experiences of their home environment and caregiving contributes to the development of effective approaches in providing child/family support and intervention.
● Gain confidence in supporting the development and well-being of each infant and young child as you consider helpful vs. unhelpful approaches to developing effective partnerships with that child’s parents and other caregiving adults.
● Strengthen your understanding of the essentialness and benefits of recognizing, honoring, and addressing cultural differences between yourself and the infants, young children and families you seek to support.

MEET Kathleen Baltman, MA, E-IV®

Our effectiveness in providing care, support, and/or intervention for an infant or toddler strongly depends on our abilities to answer two very basic questions: first, what is it like to be this child? And second, what is it like to be with this child? Since infants and toddlers are not able to sit down with us and give us the details we want and need, we must depend on our attention and skills in careful observation of that child’s environmental and caregiving experiences – ideally occurring wherever that child would consider “home.” Indeed, home visits generally provide a broad window to an infant/toddler’s world and relationships, however routine or unpredictable those experiences may be. This workshop will consider the importance of home visits for early childhood caregivers and educators, with particular focus on how we might best respond to a young child’s support and intervention needs when our viewing window small, partly obscured, or even broken. Together, we’ll explore how home visits can guide us in our efforts to become relationship-based partners in support of that little one’s development and well-being.