Dr. Danette Bonillo

Director of Clinical Education, California Baptist University

Developing Social-Emotional Competence Interventions that Facilitate Emotional and Behavioral Self-Regulation

This dynamic, hands-on session includes researched based interventions that promote self-regulation skills in kindergarten children contributing to active learning in school and home.

MEET Dr. Danette Bonillo

I have been fortunate to gain a deeper understanding of neurology in an inpatient clinic specializing in traumatic brain injury. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of teaching a kindergarten special day class, supervising exceptional clinicians, found a love for sensory integration in a non-profit pediatric clinic, and have been passionate about educating parents and professionals.

I have a strong interest in self-regulation and its relationship to early learning. My son was my best teacher. We taught each other as he navigated through the challenges of school and ended up a successful, brilliant man. I enjoy being a life-long learner and want to share what I have learned with parents and professionals. Together we can help our children be the best version of themselves.

I am a speech language pathologist with over 30 years of experience with children. I teach graduate students in the field of speech therapy at the university clinic.