Dr. Daniela Foerch

Professor School of Education and Human Development

The Impact of an Emotional Intelligence Curriculum on Young Children Who Are At-Risk

This three hour session will focus on an emotional intelligence curriculum comprised of the RULER approach, visible and global thinking routines, the literature, and meditation implemented in Head Start Centers. Join us for some interactive activities which will teach you how to collect and use qualitative data in real time in the classroom.

MEET Dr. Daniela Foerch

We selected this topic because we strongly believe that being emotionally intelligent provides powerful tools that assist individuals in achieving happiness and success in life, especially in young children who are at-risk and their families. Since we all go through many different emotions throughout our day, research has demonstrated that individuals who are able to perceive, identify, and manage their emotions are more likely to be successful in life and be effective pilots of their professional and private lives. Young children who come from very stressful and challenging environments and their families will likely benefit from the interventions we have provided throughout this study.