Cori Paulsrud

M.S.T., Education for Arts Programming, Kohl Children’s Museum

Loose Part Revolution

This session will awaken your senses through hands on exploration of tips, tricks, and techniques for natural art activities.

MEET Cori Paulsrud

With outside time dwindling for our youngest of learners, there's a growing need for naturalistic art. As an outdoor enthusiast with a background in painting and art history, I have seen how switching out the typical paint brush for a stick, leaf, or cattail can open-up a world of creativity. I've taught students diverse backgrounds from Canada to the United Arab Emirates and throughout United States. I’ve seen how loose parts create a foundation for child-center investigations. At the Kohl Children's museum, I've watched children focused for hours with sticks, rocks, and sand, incorporating many subjects from counting, to experimenting, to writing. Through this session, I want to share and collaborate with educators to further expand the reach of loose parts.