Carole Stephens

Early Childhood Music Specialist

Creating a Music-Full Classroom: Songs, Fingerplays and Sing-able Books Everyone Can Use! Session Details

Sing! Stamp! Clap! March! Is your classroom bursting with action verbs? Miss Carole's newest songs can transform Couch Potatoes into Growing Sprouts! Developmentally appropriate AND fun!

I'm Singing, I'm Dancing, I'm LEARNING

Do your student's turn to see "Who's singing?" Do they giggle while their fingers wiggle a rhyme? Can you sing them a book? Let's explore how to integrate music into all parts of your day!

MEET Carole Stephens

I've seen vacant stares, slackened jaws, disinterest in learning, expending effort and low muscle tone in children three to five years old. Children learn by moving through their environment from the time they're born. Research tells us that the need to be physically active at least one of every four hours in care. It's not about putting a YouTube video on and letting kids "dance". It's about providing rich movement experiences to stretch their brains and bodies. THAT's what it's all about!
I've been singing with children since 1989 - in classrooms and concerts - and working with those that care for them in professional development workshops around the world since 1994. Understanding WHY music is an essential component to learning in Early Childhood - what's happening in a child's brain AND body - is vital to using music successfully. I've found that teachers need encouragement and presentation tools to sing and dance – (and Opening Minds says, she does it well!)