Opening Minds USA is all about your personal and professional development.

Opening Minds USA hosts Unconferences, standalone events where professionals come together, set the agenda, and problem solve issues in early childhood education. The Opening Minds 2020 early education conference is your opportunity to take advantage of both our curated early childhood education programming with scores of experts and presentations as well as participate in the UNCONFERENCE, the professional development experience that gets to be all about you and the early childhood education issues which challenge you and others.

Toward the end of each day, come participate in our UNCONFERENCE. It is an opportunity for the entire Opening Minds Learning Network™ to come, together, to discuss issues in early childhood education. Make it personal! Question, connect the dots and build your professional network of support of teachers, professors, principals, librarians, occupational and physical therapists, curriculum directors, doctors, nurses, social workers, architects and much more who you can count on once the conference ends.

This is just a preview of what’s planned. More sessions, descriptions, and presenters will be added, regularly. Follow us on Facebook, to get updates in real time. The full schedule of listings is now available. To request the full schedule, email us at: