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A Brief Overview of the Issues in Education planned for each of the Learning Series

Follow a series all four days OR choose sessions from any of the series to create the perfect schedule for you!

Opening Minds Early Education Social & Emotional Development Series: Social Emotional Learning is all about learning how to identify and manage our emotions, form healthy relationships, set and achieve positive goals as well as feel and show empathy for others. Young children’s social and emotional skills are learned through interactions with adults. What have young children learned from their family and community influencers long before meeting us? What are we teaching young children through our day-to-day interactions?


Opening Minds Early Education Health & Wellness Series: As we are all aware, human development begins long before birth. Intergenerational trauma, genetics, exposure to substances, the health of the mother, culture, socio-economic levels and a whole lot more impact an infant’s development and capacity to learn long before birth and entering our classrooms.


Opening Minds Early Education Leadership Series: A growing concern in education has been the high turnover rate, 33% for beginning teachers within their first three years of employment. We know teacher turnover disrupts learning and impacts the school environment. How can leaders create a school culture to reduce stress, burnout and turnover and at the same time make the grade expected in this climate of accountability?


Opening Minds Early Education Curriculum & Instruction Series: What is the purpose of school? What are today’s real-life performance expectations? Expectations about what children ‘should’ know and be able to do by the time they are ready for their first paying job is changing at a rapid pace. How are we keeping up with these expectations? One way to examine how we are keeping pace is by looking at our curriculum and instruction goals.
Have you made the shift from uniformity and conformity to curricular goals which allow problem solving, collaboration, creativity and innovation to flourish? Do we need to change the way our classrooms are set up and how we teach?


Opening Minds Early Education Family & Community Resource Series: Taking responsibility for the children in our care and classrooms as teacher, principal, social worker, librarian, nurse, O.T., P.T., artist or volunteer can feel isolating. Opening Minds USA is all about problem solving and connecting people to the resources that will be most helpful.

04 Days

15 Content Areas

23 Credits

This is just a preview of what’s planned. More sessions, descriptions, and presenters will be added, regularly. Follow us on Facebook, to get updates in real time. The full schedule of listings will be available in January.

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