Opening Minds Early Education Leadership

Series of Continuing Education Courses

Opening Minds Early Education Leadership Series: A growing concern in education has been the high turnover rate, 33% for beginning teachers within their first three years of employment. We know teacher turnover disrupts learning and impacts the school environment. How can leaders create a school culture to reduce stress, burnout and turnover and at the same time make the grade expected in this climate of accountability?

This 2019 Leadership Series will shine light on what each of us need to be doing to create more supportive work environments which avoid burnout, reduce stress and prepare us and the children for an expertise economy.

Preview of Sessions Planned

Lead Like a Pirate

Shelley Burgess

Shelley Burgess has served as an award-winning teacher, principal, Director of Student Achievement, and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Leadership. Her highly respected work focuses on building leadership capacity through coaching, collaboration, and building a positive culture of change which leads to dramatic improvements in teaching and learning. Shelley is is the co-author of Lead Like a PIRATE: Make School Amazing for Your Students and Staff, and P is for PIRATE: Inspirational ABC’s for Educators.

The Expertise Economy presented by David Blake

David Blake

Digital Rehab Counselor? Drone Pilot? Personal Privacy Advisor?

What will future careers look like for the infants, toddlers and preschoolers growing up, today?

According to one estimate by the World Economic Forum, “almost two-thirds of today’s kindergarten students will eventually have occupations that don’t currently exist.”

You have to ask yourself, as the world changes, how will early childhood education, teacher preparation and continuing education, change?

David is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Degreed. Individuals and organizations use Degreed’s platform to discover the world’s best learning resources and track their learning experience. Clients include: NASA JPL, Boeing, CITI, Bank of America, Unilever, Intel, Cisco, Visa, MasterCard, Macy’s, Atlassian, Tesla, eBay, GitHub, Tivo, Kia, Gap, Harley Davidson, Prudential, General Mills, Hyatt amongst hundreds of others.

Prior to Degreed, he helped launched a competency-based, accredited university and was a founding team member at Zinch (acquired by Chegg NASDQ: CHGG). David was selected as a Top EdTech Entrepreneur by the Stanford d.School EdTech Lab, sponsored by Teach For America and NewSchools Venture Fund.

He is the co-author of the #1 Amazon ranked Business Management book, The Expertise Economy: How the smartest companies use learning to engage, compete, and succeed and has been published in the Business Insider, Techcrunch, Getting Smart, and Huffington Post. He has spoken around the world on the topic of the future of learning, including at the ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit, Close It: Skills Gap, Future of Learning and Working, EdTech Europe, Next Generation Learning: Europe, Work 2.0: Australia and at TEDx.

In Pursuit of STEM Girls: Classmates Collaboratively Empower Girls to Blossom Equitably in Early Childhood Math & Science Education

Toi Massey, Founder, and Executive Director, The JEKL Foundation for STEAM Education

Join Toi for an interactive discussion with facilitated STEM exercises to provide tools that support a child’s innate ability to share and encourage one another by modeling inclusion and championing girls in math and science.

Physicist. Mechanical & Nuclear Engineer. Six Sigma Black Belt. STEM Retention Expert. Philanthropist

A proud native of inner-city Detroit and its public school system, Antoinette ‘Toi’ Massey holds a Masters of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Nuclear Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Physics. That journey formally began as a 10th grade member of the first group of 15 recruits from Detroit’s Renaissance High School into the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAP-CEP). She taught math and science in Detroit’s K-12 Public & Charter Schools, as well as adult learners collectively 20 years.

The continuous disproportion of women and students of color in the STEM disciplines set her on a mission to embrace the uninitiated and she founded The JEKL Foundation for STEAM Education, incorporating art & design as the collaborative thread across the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM+Art=STEAM) disciplines. Toi firmly believes that “When girls and students of color see me, they immediately see themselves , when they hear my story they hear my heart and our shared common experiences. We connect and the possibility of their pursuit of and success within a STEM profession just got real.” Speak Series includes: From Backpacks to Briefcases, Successful On Purpose, Think Like A Girl! and Getting To Go: Redesign, Reinvent and Redirect Yourself to Greatness!

A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, the President & CEO of ANM Innovative Business Solutions (ANMIS), Toi has held memberships with SWE, NSBE, is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Public Service Sorority, Inc, The Links, Inc, and past member of Jack & Jill of America. Toi’s speaking credits include MyCEO Beauty, Brains & Business Conference, Jack & Jill of America Central Area Teen Summit, Keynote/UC Long Beach Annual Women in Engineering Conference, and 2016 Mountain Region Business Summit panelist.

Non Profit Leadership

Dara Munson, CEO, Chicago Child Care Society

Dara Munson is the CEO of Chicago Child Care Society, a nonprofit multiservice agency in Chicago with preschool centers in Hyde Park and Englewood. Dara is an advocate for quality early childhood education for families in low-resource Chicago neighborhoods. With over 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience, she’s served as CEO for the  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Detroit (at age 33, the youngest to hold that position) and the COO of the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, prior to taking the position of CEO for CCCS in 2016. This year, she leads the organization into its 170th year.

Dara was named Make It Better Magazine’s Top 42 Black Women of Impact, and holds a number of honors pertaining to her strength in leadership, including: Women & Leadership in the Workplace: Shooting Star Award, Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive & Emerging Leaders, Crain’s 40 under 40 and more.

Social Media and Your Staff

This session will address the affect social media postings can have on the individual doing the posting as well as the child care program, and explore personnel policies related to this issue.

The Top 3 Legal Issues Effecting Early Care and Education Programs

This session will look at recent trends in legal actions facing ECE Programs, with the focus on Unemployment Compensation claims, Discrimination claims and finally the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Dawn Martini, Legal Assistant, Child Care Specialist, Human Resources/Employment Law Specialist to Ronald V. McGuckin, Esq.

This is just a preview of what’s planned. More sessions, descriptions, and presenters will be added, regularly. Follow us on Facebook, to get updates in real time. The full schedule of listings will be available in January.